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Don’t just take our word for it. See what our patients have been saying about our dental practice. After all, the best referral is a happy patient…and a satisfied smile.

“My Invisalign braces are great. The improvement in my overbite is amazing, and I’m only 2/3 of the way done with my treatment. I am eager to complete the remainder and then proudly show my new smile.

Thanks Invisalign and Dr. Slater and his team!”

D. Smith

“I just wanted to thank all of you for making me feel so welcome and comfortable as a patient. I have never felt so good as I did from the very first day I entered the office. All of you were so nice, and friendly. Everything you quoted to me, about the pain was so true. No Pain!”

Thanks, L. Kyle

“Service is a word brought alive by a gracious act. A gift of kindness. A gift of love . Thanks and much gratitude to you and yours.”

A. Kimbrel

“Just a note to express my profound gratitude for your sincere care and professional expertise regarding my recent visits to your office. Your work is exemplary; in addition you exhibit (along with your fine staff) a genuine concern for the welfare of your patients, which transcends the general interest of building a practice. Thanks again for creating beautiful smiles and contented hearts regarding dental health!”

Sincerely, Pastor Alcorn

“Being in the dental industry for the past 20 years has taught me a lot about the profession. I can say that I am very happy about your office helping me have a healthy mouth for the past 18 years. Thanks for the smile & friendship.”

T. Starnes Sullivan Schein Dental

Regarding the Deprogrammer

“My name is Kimberly. I’m 20 years old and a new patient to Dr. Slater’s office. I had never been to the dentist before, so going in I knew I was going to have issues to deal with. My first visit was wonderful! The staff was friendly and were very attentive to all of my needs. Most importantly I was introduced to my deprogrammer! This device is just like a retainer. He recommended it to me due to the extreme headaches I was having.

He said a lot of people don’t realize that they’re headaches have a lot to do with the positioning of your teeth. All of the over the counter drugs weren’t helping much, so I said, “Ehh what the hey! Let’s give it a shot!” I could take it out and put it back on as I needed, but once I put it on I never wanted to take it off. The main reason is because it helped my headaches TREMENDOUSLY! If I went onE day without having it in my headaches were terrible. So all I have to do is keep it in and my day is head ache free! Thank you Dr. Slater and staff!”

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