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Have you ever seen someone’s smile that dazzled you so much you almost couldn’t believe it? Bright white smiles really stand out — and it seems like the owners of those awesome smiles share them a lot. Have you ever wished that you too could have a smile that bright and white? Now you can!

Our Arlington, Texas, clinic has two fabulous teeth whitening systems that will lighten and brighten your teeth dramatically. We welcome patients from Grand Prairie, Irving, Arlington and nearby areas.

ZOOM2!® Whitening

ZOOM! has been making in-office teeth whitening treatments for some time. These teeth bleaching systems have brightened and whitened smiles for millions of people. And now, with Zoom2!, the awesome teeth bleaching system is even better. Zoom2! Teeth Whitening helps to minimize sensitivity and reduces your time in the chair with just three 15-minute sessions. This teeth bleaching treatment can lighten your smile up to eight times. The ZOOM2! process uses a strong gel applied to your teeth, and a special light is shone onto your teeth to complete the treatment. It is easy, fast, and brings amazing results.

Nite White Take Home Whitening System

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This is the most popular teeth bleaching system available, and our Arlington-area patients sing its praises. With the convenience of brightening your smile at home, this teeth bleaching system is safe, affordable and easy to use! Nite White Take Home teeth whitening kit uses a gel put into customized trays that are slipped onto the teeth and worn for several hours, or preferably overnight. This system has dramatic results in lightening and whitening your smile.

Additionally, we offer 38% and 22% strength Nite White gel touch up kits so you can keep your teeth white forever!

If you are ready for a smile that’s gone from boring to brilliant, come see Dr. Slater. Your bright white smile can be a reality much sooner than you think. You don’t need to be a movie star to get a star-quality smile. Call our dental office in Arlington today to set up a consultation.

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