Dental Technology

Because we care about your smile, David Slater Dentistry offers you dental care using dental technology. It’s amazing the advances that dental technology has made in recent years. We are proud to offer you dental technology that can give you a remarkable amount of better care that will save you time and may cause you less pain and a shorter recovery time.

What kind of dental technology do we use?
Dental Lasers:
Nd:YAG dental laser — The Nd:YAG is used to treat soft tissues, like gums. The benefit of this is dental lasers are far less invasive than the traditional scalpel use. And the use of dental lasers means typically shorter recovery time for you. Dental lasers often take less time during the actual procedure.
VELscope — It may surprise you that one of the most prevalent forms of cancer is oral cancer. The good news is, when caught early enough, the recovery rate for this is between 80-90%. Unfortunately, by the time you recognize there are problems in your mouth, it can be too late. We say this not to frighten you but to simply share with you the information and offer you the VELscope oral cancer screening system. This revolutionary dental technology scans the inside of your mouth and can find anomalies easier and can help the doctor detect if there are any problems, thus helping him treat those issues.
CT Scanner — We use a CT scanner with our dental implant dentistry procedures. The CT Scanner gives us a detailed scan that provides us with information about where we place your dental implants.
Intraoral Camera — Do you ever wonder what your dentist sees when he is looking inside your mouth? Now you can see what your doctor sees, with an intraoral camera. The intraoral camera is a small, pen like apparatus with a light on the end of it that projects and enlarges what the dentist sees in your mouth onto a television or computer screen. This can give you the comfort and information you need to partner with our doctor to make the best choices for your oral health.
Sedation Dentistry — To keep you relaxed and comfortable, we offer two options: oral sedation and nitrous oxide.

We want to give you the dental technology that can give you the smile of your dreams. Call today!

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