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dental crownsDo you have a missing, broken or chipped tooth that needs repairing? You don’t have to be embarrassed about your smile or suffer through problems eating and chewing. Speak clearly, smile brightly and enjoy every bite pain-free by receiving dental crowns in our Arlington, Texas, dental office.

Dental Crowns Can Help

When a tooth or teeth are not functioning properly or are unsightly, having a tooth crown or dental crowns can resolve the problem permanently. A tooth crown is a cap that is fitted over your original tooth or over a dental implant. Dental crowns are made of sturdy, durable material that is color matched to your original tooth.

What are the advantages of getting a tooth crown or dental crowns?

  • In our Arlington office, we make sure your tooth crown looks just like your original tooth. It is color matched and shaped just like a real tooth, so you can smile and laugh with confidence. Dental crowns are almost completely undetectable.
  • dental crownDental crowns feel just like regular teeth. A tooth crown is shaped just like your natural tooth, so it rests in your smile just like your original tooth would. An added bonus is that dental crowns “fill out” your smile, making your mouth feel like it should — filled with strong, healthy teeth.
  • A tooth crown functions just like a natural tooth. Go ahead, eat the foods you like, even if your natural tooth is badly broken, chipped or has unsightly dental work. Dental crowns can also support a dental bridge, can be placed on top of dental implants, and can be the support for dentures.

If you want more information about a tooth crown or dental crown, call us today! We are accepting new patients in Irving, Grand Prairie, Arlington and surrounding areas.

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