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Are you missing a tooth or teeth? Are you finding it hard to chew or eat because you have gaps in your smile? Are the teeth on one side of your mouth getting worn down because they are compensating for the lost teeth? Do you avoid allowing people to take your photo?

If you are looking to fix your smile because of the aforementioned problems, Dr. Slater would like to help you get your smile back. At David Slater Dentistry, one of our several options to mending a broken smile is using a tooth implant dental procedure known as dental bridges.

What is a Tooth Bridge or Dental Bridges?

A tooth bridge (also called a dental bridge) is a dental procedure that actually bridges a gap in your mouth. This tooth bridge reaches below your gum line, so it is just like a natural tooth in many ways. A tooth bridge or dental bridge is connected on each side of the gap by dental crowns, which provide stability.

What are the advantages of a tooth bridge or dental bridges?

  • Dental bridges “complete” your smile, giving you a full set of teeth.
  • stock05A tooth bridge, because it bridges the gap in your mouth, keeps your other teeth in place so they do not slip. This preserves your bite and keeps it in its proper place.
  • Dental bridges look just like your natural teeth, so you can laugh and smile and not avoid getting your picture taken anymore.
  • If you have many teeth missing, you can have implant supported dental bridges, which are a sturdy and long-lasting solution.
  • If you have had changes in your speech because you have a missing tooth or teeth, getting a tooth bridge or dental bridges often corrects this with no other problems.
  • A tooth bridge or dental bridges require little care and a bonus: they never will get a cavity!

If you would like to get a complete smile again and would like more information, call Dr. Slater at 817-277-0177 today.  He and his caring, well-trained team are happy to share more information about whether a tooth bridge or dental bridges is the best solution for you. We care about you and want you to have a healthy, beautiful smile.

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